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Kaminaki Greek Taverna

The word καµινακι (Kaminaki) means a little kiln or oven. It is quite a common name for a little, cosy, family taverna in Greece.
We had a restaurant in Corfu called Kaminia (Big Oven) – hence Kaminaki here in Cleveland.

Sample menu’s:

A very greek eating experience. An amazing array of dishes both hot and cold.

Apollo’s Feast – Meat Mezze: includes meat, fish and vegetable dishes
Poseidon’s Feast – Fish Mezze: includes fish and vegetable dishes

The Poseidon and Artemis Feasts offer the same range, quantity and quality of dishes – just different genres!

Kotopoulo Psito Marinato
Breast of chicken, marinaded and char-grilled, served with salad, oil and lemon dressing

Kotopoulo Lemonato
Pieces of supreme of chicken, cooked in onion, white wine and special spices, finished in lemon sauce

Kotopoulo Elliniko
Cubes of breast of chicken, pan-fried in butter, mushrooms, parsley, white wine and Metaxa brandy, finished in a cream sauce

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