Tuesday , May 28 2024

The Talpore Beefeater

Whether you’re celebrating after a visit to The Riverside or relaxing after a busy day shopping – it’s the perfect restaurant for all sizzling occasions. Located opposite Teesside Shopping Park and Teesside White Water Course and adjoined to a Premier Inn Hotel.

The Beefeater Grill range of restaurants, owned by the well established firm of Whitbread has transformed over time into what is now predominantly a cooking platform for chargrill. The restaurants are warm, modern and stylish, with low lighting and contemporary artwork. A comfortable, cosy, mainly booth layout offers guests their own space with no feeling of being hurried at any point. Staff are friendly and helpful if need be – what a difference that can make to a good evening out. Be it the wide open spaces of Argentina, the intimate setting of a French restaurant, or a busy grill in London’s West End, there’s no denying the popularity of chargrill. As the production of quality beef, chicken, fish and lamb has grown, prices have come down by comparison, and the simple and traditional art of minimally cooking dishes by chargrill, sealing in the flavours and tastes by intense heat has caught the public imagination.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12.00 noon – 11pm

Sun: 12 noon – 10.30pm

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