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Stockton History Timeline

1138 The manor of Stockton was created

1189 Purchased by Bishop Pudsey of Durham

13th Century The Bishop of Durham turns Stockton into a borough

1310 Stockton has a market. It is also a busy little port with a population of about 1,000.

1376 Stockton Castle is first referred to

1644-46 Stockton is occupied by the Scots

1700 Shipbuilding in Stockton flourishes. The port also prospers. The population of Stockton is about 2,000.

1735 The Town Hall is built

1766 The first theatre in Stockton opens

1769 The first stone bridge across the Tees is built

1822 Stockton gains gas light

1825 The Stockton and Darlington Railway opens

1832 Cholera kills 126 people in Stockton

1849 Cholera kills another 20 people in Stockton

1851 Stockton has a population of about 10,000

1859 Death of John Walker

1877 The First public library opens in Stockton

1883 Ropner Park opens. Victoria Bridge opens.

1897 Electric trams begin running in the streets of Stockton

1901 Stockton has a population of 51,000

1931 Trams stop running in Stockton

1953 Preston Hall Museum is founded

1973 Castlegate Shopping Centre opens

1992 The University of Teeside opens. Princess of Wales Bridge is built.

1995 Tees Barrage opens

1998 The Open Technology Centre opens

2009 Stockton has a population of 83,490

2011 Infinity Bridge Opens

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