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Stockton Image Gallery

Welcome to our Stockton image gallery – we have 100’s of old pictures of Stockton and we’re constantly adding to this gallery all the time.

We would welcome any submissions – if you have any images you would like to submit to the gallery please contact us.

Old Pictures of Stockton 12

Old pictures of Stockton including Waterloo Mills 1910, Wedding procession, View from Victoria Bridge, Walking Contest from five lamps 1903, Watson Brothers Advertisement

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Old Pictures of Stockton 11

Old pictures of Thornaby and Stockton including Town Hall High Street 1914, Thornaby Iron Works of Messrs WIlliam Whitwell and Co 1910, Middlesbrough from the five lamps 1910, The old church Thornaby

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Old Pictures of Stockton 10

Old Pictures of Stockon-on-Tees including Stockton Cricket Team, Stockton and Thornaby surgical hospital 1909, Stockton Cherry Fair 1904, The Five Lamps 1906

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Old Pictures of Stockton 9

Old images of Stockton and Thornaby including Ropner Park 1911, St Cuthberts Church Billingham, River trip on the Diamond Jubilee 1900, Queen Victoria High School

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Old Pictures of Stockton 8

Old pictures of Stockton on Tees including Pond Norton 1904, Parish Church and High Street 1905, Old Windmill Dovecot Street, Opening of the new electric tramway 1898

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Old Pictures of Stockton 6

Collection of Stockton images including Men building the Castle Theatre in 1908, Mancel Victorion berthed at Corporation Wharf 1907, Leven Street Haverton Hill 1905

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Old Pictures of Stockton 3

Old pictures of Stockton including, Fairground Rides Hiring Day HighStreet 1909, Hartburn 1907, Furness Shipbuilding offices Haverton Hill 1926, Fancy dress procession Yarm Lane

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Old Pictures of Stockton 2

Old images of Stockton including Dovecot Street 1909, Electric Tram Norton Green 1898, Constructing terrace housing in Thornaby 1910, Brunswick Wesleyan Church pupils and teachers 1905

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Old Pictures of Stockton 1

Our collection of old images of Stockton including Brunswick Wesleyan Church Dovecot Street 1905, 1929 Old ladies playing game on day out, Black Lion Hotel – Vane Arms Hotel 1906, Boat launch 1903 from Craig Taylors ship yard

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